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Market Positioning and Promotion for Agencies and Infrastructure Developers attracting international investment and customers 

Foreign direct investment is immensely important to the economic development of regions and countries, and policy makers have recognized the benefits that FDI brings to the economy. Investment in mission critical facilities has demonstrated the wider value generated through the development of related eco systems. In assessing prospective locations investors use a set of criteria to determine which is best suited in meeting their objectives. To that end, it is important for local government authorities as well as national investment promotion agencies to understand their unique competitive strengths, create stand out propositions, and to determine best practice and success in driving awareness and engagement with potential enterprise infrastructure customers.  

Location Market Analysis and Research Services   

Market growth drivers, competitor activity, fiber and renewable energy provision availability are among the many key factors in making investment decisions in determining location. We conduct market analysis, private studies and intelligence gathering for operator and supplier companies and agencies engaged in the mission critical infrastructure sector.

Green Technology Positioning and Promotion 

With international agreements in place for carbon reduction targets over the next ten years, we create market propositions for developers of new technologies that mitigate or substantially reduce the use of greenhouse emissions in mission critical environments and focused promotion to investors and users.