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As market drivers sustain massive global growth in data usage and demand, world economies rely on a reliable proliferation of digital and cloud-based services transacted in secure interconnected mission critical facilities at the core and edge.

Within this context we work with agencies and developers in attracting international investment and customers who are determining sites for these facilities and for the expansion and development of infrastructure platforms in current and emerging markets.

We bring extensive market know how and expertise geared to attracting investment in the development of international hubs, data and business parks and mission critical projects, as well as market insight, assessing enterprise demand and business opportunities, marketing and international market entry.

To gain insight and opinion into these markets Headwind provides independent consulting and research services, market intelligence, and competitive assessments, supporting business decisions and commercial due diligence.

We also work with developers of new technologies that mitigate or substantially reduce the use of greenhouse emissions in mission critical environments to develop market awareness and promotion to investors and users.